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Did you know?

In Tasmanian Government schools students learn how to treat others and themselves with respect.

The Department of Education has guidelines for how students must behave at school to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff.

Students are encouraged to be positive and happy and are expected to behave appropriately.  Schools have a policy for encouraging supportive, respectful behaviour.

Student behaviour is the responsibility of the student and is shared with parents and the school.  Students are expected to be responsible for the way they act and talk.

What is unacceptable behaviour?

  • Each school has a behaviour policy that outlines expected behaviour and consequences for unacceptable behaviour that the school can use.
  • Examples of unacceptable behaviour include:
    • refusing to participate in the education programme
    • refusing to follow instructions about conduct
    • behaviour that disrupts or affects the learning of other students
    • actions likely to be detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of staff or other students
    • behaviour that causes or is likely to cause damage
    • behaviour that is likely to bring the school into disrepute.

What are the legal consequences for unacceptable behaviour?

  • Under the Education Act there are a range of sanctions which are:
    • detention
    • suspension
    • exclusion
    • expulsion
    • prohibition.

  • The department has guidelines for how these sanctions are applied.

What happens if your child’s behaviour is unacceptable?

  • Students who behave in an unacceptable way may receive a detention, be removed from regular classes, be suspended, excluded or expelled from a school, depending on the level and frequency of the behaviour. In the worst case, a student may be prohibited from attending any government school in Tasmania.
  • Schools work with students to ensure that consequences for unacceptable behaviour are only used when necessary.
  • If your child is suspended it is your responsibility to look after them at home until the period of suspension finishes.

Where can I get more information?

  • You can discuss discipline decisions with your child’s teacher or principal if you think they have been made unfairly.
  • There is a Respectful Schools Support Team in each region, contact your nearest Learning Service.
  • Visit the Department of Education website:


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 Student Behaviour in Tasmanian Government Schools

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