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Did you know?

The Department of Education wants you and your child to be happy with the school your child attends and the education your child receives.

We understand that sometimes concerns and misunderstandings can arise at school and we want these issues to be addressed as quickly as possible.

If you have any issues or concerns we have set processes in place to ensure your concerns are dealt with fairly.

Dealing with issues and concerns is a partnership between us, you and your child – we need to work together for happy and healthy students.

If your concern is at school level

The following process will help you if you are concerned about something that is happening or has happened.

Aim for resolution at the school

  1. Talk to the class teacher, grade supervisor and/or the most appropriate senior person who knows your child.
  2. Clearly document your concerns and the resolution you are seeking. Keep records of all contact with your school about the matter.
  3. If resolution is not reached at Step 1, request a meeting with your school principal and attempt to resolve the matter.

If not resolved

  1. Contact the Operations Manager in your Learning Service. Provide clear documentation of your attempts to resolve your concerns.
  2. The Operations Manager will work to resolve the matter with you. If, after following these procedures, the matter remains unresolved, you can request the department (through your General Manager Learning Service) to consider appointing a mediator to assist in reaching a resolution.

If your concern is at the Learning Service or departmental level

  • If the grievance relates to a statewide policy issue, contact your Learning Service and it will be referred to the appropriate Deputy Secretary.
  • The matter may be considered for investigation, mediation or other course of action as considered appropriate. Grievances guidelines are available on the Department of Education website at

Where can I get more information?


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 Dealing with issues and concerns in Tasmanian Government Schools

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