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School Information Brochures for Parents


Outside School Hours Care


Did you know?

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services are an important part of the lives of many school aged children and their families.

OSHC includes before and after school care and care during the school holidays.

OSHC services are usually run on school premises, or nearby, by child care professionals.

They have strong partnerships with the school community and are assessed for quality and monitored by the Department of Education.

Where to start

For your child

OSHC programmes provide:
  • time to relax and have fun
  • a place to make friends and learn how to relate to others
  • opportunities to try new things, visit new places and learn new skills
  • somewhere that your child is valued and accepted just as they are.

For you

OSHC programmes provide:
  • a safe place for your child to stay while you are working or busy
  • opportunities to discuss your child’s needs with educators
  • a program that supports your child’s learning about life
  • a partnership approach with you, focusing on your child’s health, confidence and wellbeing
  • access to Child Care Benefit to assist with fees, if you are eligible.

OSHC at your child’s school

  • Many schools have OSHC services conveniently located at the school site.  If your child’s school does not have an OSHC, there may be one close by.
  • OSHC services are operated by approved providers. Services are assessed for quality and monitored by the Department of Education.
  • Many OSHC services have strong links with their local school communities and other support agencies.
  • OSHC services and schools together provide a ‘one stop shop’ to support the education and care of children and the needs of families.

Where can I get more information?

More information on availability in your school or in your local area can be found by accessing the following websites:


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 Outside School Hours Care in Tasmanian Government Schools

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