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Education and Care


Further Information

Further Information about Education and Care in Tasmania

From 1 January 2012, most services previously licensed as long day care, outside school hours care and family day care were regulated under the Education and Care Services National Law (Tasmania) 2011 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations. 

Services still regulated/licensed under the Child Care Act 2001 and State Licensing Standards include Centre Based Care Class 4, Centre Based Care Class 5 (previously licensed as occasional care) and In-Home Child Care. The relevant Licensing Standards are the Tasmanian Licensing Standards for Centre Based Care Class 5 (0-12 years), replacing the previous Standards for Centre Based Class 1 and Class 2; the Tasmanian Licensing Standards for Centre Based Care Class 4  and the Tasmanian Standards for In Home Child Care. 

Centre Based Care Class 4 is the short term1 care of children and is provided in conjunction with a meeting, function, or activity endorsed by the management of the service that involves the parent(s) of the children, or a person who would otherwise have care of the child/ren during the period that child care occurs and who are not on site for part or all of the period that child care occurs.

The Centre Based Care Class 4 Licensing Standards focus on children’s safety and well-being.

1 The expression ‘short term’ may refer to either the length of time per session, or to the total number of times the child will be in care dependent on the nature of the meeting/function/activity the parent is involved in, e.g. an irregular arrangement such as the participation of the parent in a first aid course that is held for 6 hours a day across two days. Each organisation may set its own policy around the preferred maximum length of sessions.


Centre Based Care Class 5 means Occasional Care Services and Services funded through the Commonwealth Budget Based funding program.

Occasional Care comprises services providing education and care for 0-12 year olds on a sessional basis for short periods, that is, less than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year.

(Note: They may enable parents to attend appointments, take care of personal matters, undertake casual or part-time employment, study or have temporary respite from full time parenting. These services may be provided by community based or private providers and may be funded by the Australian or State Governments or operate without funding.)

Budget Based Funded (BBF) early childhood services are funded by the Australian Government.

(Note: They are funded by the Australian Government where the market would otherwise fail to deliver services. BBF services are predominately in rural, remote and Indigenous communities and are also operationally known as non-mainstream services. They may include long day care centres.)

In Home Child Care refers to care within a child’s primary or other residence, arranged by an organisation or agency which has been licensed as an Approved Registration Body (In Home Child Care) under the provisions of Section 10 of the Child Care Act 2001.

For further information regarding the Education and Care Unit’s policies or procedures please contact the Unit on 1300 135 513 or (03) 6233 5676 or

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