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Australian School-based Apprenticeships

Australian School-based Apprenticeships - ASbA

What is an Australian School-based Apprenticeship, or ASbA?

A school-based traineeship or apprenticeship is a paid, employment-based training arrangement where Year 10, 11 or 12 students are able to combine employment, training and education to gain a nationally recognised qualification, usually at Certificate II or III level – across almost every industry sector and training package.
·      employment – ASbA students are allowed to work between 7.5 and 15 hours in the workplace each week.  This can be one or two days at work in school time or after school hours and on the weekend.  There is an expectation that the ASbA student will work additional hours in term breaks.
·      training – ASbA students will sign a Training Plan with the employer and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who is responsible for the training and assessment against the requirements of the qualification. ASbA students will be paid for any training in the workplace or off-site.
·      education – ASbA students commit to attending school when timetabled to do so, and studying subjects that that are complementary to the ASbA qualification and contribute to the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). Every unit of competency achieved over the course of the contract will contribute points to the ASbA student’s TCE.
What are the responsibilities of an ASbA employer?
The employer will:
·      ensure that the ASbA student has between 7.5 and 15 hours of work every week during school time, and additional hours in term breaks.  ASbA students must have a Training Contract approved by Skills Tasmania and endorsed by their school Principal, and be employed under an award or other appropriate industrial agreement. The wage will depend on the ASbA student’s age, industry and qualification.
·      ensure there is a Training Plan in place and negotiate with the RTO to ensure the ASbA student regularly receives training and appropriate support towards the ASbA qualification.
·      ensure that the hours of work can be flexibly negotiated to best fit with the ASbA student’s school/college timetable, subject selections and exam periods.
What are the school/college’s responsibilities?
Every school/college will have appointed an ASbA Facilitator who will:
·      receive correspondence from the Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) seeking endorsement for the ASbA opportunity, and manage the administrative and pastoral care responsibilities on behalf of the ASbA student’s school, including timetabling arrangements and negotiating work hours with the employer.
·      work out how many points the ASbA training and qualification will contribute to the TCE in years 11 or 12, and what are the best subjects for the ASbA student to do at the same time.
·      organise monthly meetings with the ASbA student to identify any issues with regard to attendance and participation, or help resolve or refer any work related concerns.
·      liaise with the ANP, the RTO, the employer and the DoE ASbA Unit as required.
Who else is involved?
The Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) will be involved in the very early stages, and is responsible for:
·      providing information and assistance to employers, ASbA students and parents and helping to resolve any workplace related issues that have been identified by the by the ASbA Facilitator.
·      organising the Training Contract and endorsement paperwork for all stakeholders, including the student/parent, employer, RTO and school Principal, and forwards to Skills Tasmania to approve a legally binding and registered Training Contract.
As mentioned, the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) develops a Training Plan in conjunction with the employer, and conducts the training and assessment for the ASbA qualification.
And, staff from the Department of Education ASbA Unit are also available to answer any questions or concerns students, parents, DoE staff or employers may have about the ASbA qualification and process.
Where do I access more information about ASbAs?
DoE ASbA Unit – 6165 6097, or
Australian Apprenticeships website
For more information, contact the DoE ASbA Unit:
​Lesley Richardson
Manager, Australian School-based Apprenticeships Unit
Phone:   +61 3 6777 2524
Mobile: :+61  0457 879 206
Bill Duhig
ASbA Programs Officer
Phone:  +61 3 6165 5723 
Mobile:  +61  0418 953 981
Linda Prebble
ASbA Adminstration
Phone: +61 3 6165 5760
Phone:03 6165 6097


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