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Inclusion Working Group

As reflected in the Department of Education’s (DoE) Learners First Strategy 2014–17, equity is a value we hold highly; we all have the right to challenging and engaging learning opportunities in appropriate settings.
The DoE is committed to enabling all students to achieve quality outcomes through their participation in an inclusive, high quality education system that is responsive to their needs through appropriate access and participation in the Australian Curriculum. DoE strategies focus on building the capacity of our people and our resources to better support the diverse and unique needs of all students, including those with disability.
Formed late in 2013, The Department of Education held meetings between 11 February 2014 and 10 June 2014. The meetings were with key stakeholders from around the state. This Working Group was chaired by the Department of Education’s Secretary – Colin Pettit and it investigated better ways to support schools, students and parents in being inclusive school communities.
As part of the National reform agenda, it was timely to consider inclusion and the Tasmanian context and look in to the best ways to work with schools to build understanding to meet obligations under the Disability Standards for Education (DSE) Act 2005 and comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992.
The DoE invited established peak bodies to participate in this group.
The working group comprised representation from the Department of Education (DoE), Tasmanian Principals Association (TPA), Australian Education Union (AEU), Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO), Autism Tasmania, Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Association of Special Education Inc (AASE) and Tasmanian Council of Social Service Inc (TasCOSS), Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID).
Meeting Schedule
  • Tuesday, 11 February 2014
  • Tuesday, 11 March 2014
  • Wednesday, 16 April 2014
  • Tuesday, 13 May 2014
  • Tuesday, 10 June 2014



Communiqué 1 - February 2014

Communiqué 2 - March 2014

Communiqué 3 - April 2014

Communiqué 4 - May 2014

Communiqué 5 - June 2014

Please see membership section below. For further information on the organisations please see Communiqué 1.
Department of Education (DoE)
Colin Pettit
Liz Banks
Jenny Burgess
Lynne James

Contact: Lynne James – 6165 5792
Tasmanian Principals Association (TPA)
David Raw
Marcelle Watts
Contact: David Raw – 0418 592 214
Australian Education Union (AEU)
Contact: Terry Polglase – 0409 545 109
Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO)
Contact: Jenny Eddington – 6234 9488
Autism Tasmania
Mick Clark
Terry Burke
Contact: Terry Burke – 6278 9985
Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner
Contact: Robin Banks – 6233 4841
Australian Association of Special Education Inc (AASE)
Contact: Jenny Buckingham – 0417 532 594
Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID)
Ben Crothers
Nadia Ollington
Contact: Ben Crothers –
Tasmanian Council of Social Service Inc (TasCOSS)
Contact: Dr Wynne Russell – 6231 0755
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