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Aquarium Industry

The Service has responsibility for the regulation of the aquarium industry in Tasmania. This includes the registration of all importers and premises, as well as the prohibition of fish and invertebrates that pose a risk of establishment in Tasmania or are likely carriers of disease or other pathogens.

In Tasmania it is illegal to import or sell freshwater ornamental fish (aquarium species) unless you are a registered fish dealer. Anyone who imports or sells freshwater live fish or freshwater fish product must be a registered fish dealer. Unless you are a registered fish dealer you must not sell fish or advertise for the sale of fish.

Tasmania has strict biosecurity laws governing what can be imported into Tasmania, for further information visit the Biosecurity Tasmania website.

To breed ornamental fish in Tasmania (tropical or coldwater) to sell you need to be a licenced fish farm operator.

The forms relating to the licencing of fish farms and registration as a fish dealer are available at the bottom of this page. A file showing the fish permitted to be imported by registered fish dealers is also listed there. For further information email


Aquarium Industry Applications

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File Fish Farm full recirculation application form Jul 03, 2017 229.0 kB
File Fish Dealer application form Jul 03, 2017 226.0 kB
File Fish farm application form - additional information aquarium species Jul 04, 2016 70.2 kB