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Private (Farm) Dam Stocking Forms

Stocking and fish order forms for stocking of dams and ponds.

The Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) regulates all stocking of trout in Tasmania including on private land. There are three categories of Private (Farm) Dam Stocking with separate stocking application forms for each category. The three categories are:

The IFS currently waives the stocking application fee and provides fry or fingerlings free of charge to stock dams on private property where reasonable public access is permitted. i.e. Private Dam stocking for public fishing.

From October 2014 the IFS will apply equitable assessment criteria for selecting dams for approval for various activities and stocking.

The assessment criteria aims are to:

  • support the tradition of private dam stocking, particularly in the North West,
  • maximise public access to fisheries maintained with State produced fish stocks,
  • maintain fishing opportunities close to regional centres and
  • to ensure the best possible use of IFS resources for licensed anglers.

In addition the assessment criteria will apply contemporary occupational health and safety standards and address the Services’ obligations under the Civil Liabilities Act.

All dams considered for stocking will still require assessment against standard environmental criteria.

Private Dam stocking for exclusive fishing

A proponent may apply for a permit to stock their dam on private land for exclusive fishing by themselves and their associates only by submitting a Stocking Application: Private Dam for Exclusive Fishing. Only triploid (sterile) rainbow trout are permitted for this type of stocking. An application fee must be paid for the application to be assessed. Payment of the application fee does not automatically imply that the application will be approved. If approved the fish must be purchased and delivered by an authorised supplier at the cost of the proponent.

The conditions of stocking and fishing a dam on private land are that the general angling regulations apply (See below). A summary of the regulations are contained within the Tasmanian Inland Fishing Code.

General angling rules and regulations applying to all dams, private or public regardless of species stocked:

  • Angling season: From the first Saturday in August to Sunday nearest to the 30th April.Daily bag limit: 12 fish per day for all species combined
  • Minimum size limit 220 mm
  • All anglers over 14 years of age must hold a current Inland Angling Licence.
  • No feeding of fish is permitted
  • Only species approved by the IFS and delivered by IFS registered fish transporter may be used for private dam stockings.
  • All legal angling methods are permitted (Lure, bait or fly)

Private Dam stocking for public fishing - assessment criteria:

The set of criteria to be met before the IFS will approve brown trout stocking into a farm dam for Public Fishing (Note: rainbow trout can also be applied for but supply is subject to availability.):

  1. Size of water stocked: The preferred minimum size of dams to be considered is 2.5 ha or 25,000 m2 surface area at full supply level. Dams of a smaller size will be considered if they meet the other criteria to a high standard.
  2. A licence agreement detailing access arrangements is entered into between the IFS and the landowner for a nominal period of 10 years. This agreement will be based on the widely accepted Licence Agreement for river access arrangements. The agreement does not adhere to the landowner’s title and has provisions for termination by either party if required.
  3. Reasonable public access consisting of one or more of the following elements:

3.1 Unlocked gates providing direct vehicle access to the dam or to parking within easy walking distance of the dam (Less than 500M). Vehicle access needs to be accompanied by current public liability insurance for $20M maintained by the property owner.

3.2 Foot access from a public road. A safe parking area must be available within easy walking distance of the dam (Less than 500M).

3.3 Access by prior permission. Either foot or vehicle access as described in 3.1 or 3.2. Signage displayed at the access point with landowners contact details prominently displayed including mobile phone number/s. All reasonable requests for access must be granted.

4.  Prior to any licence agreement being entered into the IFS will conduct a safety assessment to determine potential risk to anglers and landowners infrastructure. Unacceptable risks may include lack of parking, farming operations, electric fences or topography. The safety assessment will make recommendations for minimum access infrastructure required i.e. fence stiles, pedestrian gates, electric fence signs and insulators etc.

5.    The property owner will retain the right to restrict or suspend access due to farming operations.

6.  Anglers Access signage including hazard warnings and conditions of entry (Including contact phone numbers if required in 3.3) will be installed at each access location. Access signs will be provided and installed by the IFS at IFS expense.

7.   Access infrastructure (Fence stiles, pedestrian gates, electric fence signs and insulators etc.) must be installed as recommended by the safety assessment. Infrastructure will be funded and installed by the IFS. Anglers, angling clubs and landowners may make a contribution or assist with installation at their discretion.

8.  In the event of either the IFS or the landowner being unable to meet their obligations under the agreement for any reason the licence can be terminated by either party.

Examples of private dams that currently meet the above criteria are Lamberts Dam and Rostrevor Reservoir.

Here is the current list of Private Dams for Public Fishing - North West Region

Applicants are to complete a Stocking Application: Private Dam Stocking for public fishing. Application fees do not apply. Upon approval IFS will supply and deliver brown trout subject to availability.

Private Dam stocking for Angling Club activities including junior angling development.

The IFS will consider applications for stocking of private dams if the stocking is for an Angling Club’s junior angling development programme or other bona fide Angling Club activities. Angling clubs will need to maintain appropriate Public Liability insurance covering the proposed activities.

Dams do not need to meet the criteria for public fishing.

The landowner must provide written permission for the Club to use the dam for the club activities. A copy of the permission must be submitted to the IFS with a Stocking Application: Angling club activities or junior development.

Existing dams that meet this criteria include Bushy Park Estate, Mitchelson’s, Frombergs and Taylors dams but does not preclude angling clubs from proposing new venues for club activities. New proposals will be assessed by the IFS for suitability of the proposed activity.

IFS will waive the stocking application fee and may assist with sourcing fish and delivery subject to availability and the proposed activity.

Exemption permits

The IFS will consider applications for variations to the General angling rules and regulations by Exemption Permit on a case by case basis. There is a specific permit for stocking for Aquaponics.

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File Exemption permit for Aquaponics applications Jul 03, 2017 141.3 kB
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