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River Access Angler Rights and Responsibilities

In response to the many general inquiries regarding angler access to rivers, the Inland Fisheries Service has developed this page a containing information on angler rights and responsibilities. It lists the simple access rules and signage, safety and code of conduct, as well as the general principles that apply in Tasmania.

All anglers have an important role in maintaining good relations between landowners and the angling community. Some general principles apply and will benefit all. Firstly, anglers should understand that access is a privilege not a right, and secondly, when in doubt, ask permission.

In Tasmania, most private land titles extend to the bank of the river and some titles extend to the middle of the river. This can mean that you may be trespassing, which is a criminal offence, even if you are wading in the river.

Rivers also flow through public land such as Crown Reserves, State Forests, National Parks, Hydro property and Conservation Areas. Whilst public access is usually permitted, different entry conditions may apply depending on the management authority.

The Inland Fisheries Service has been working to develop access to angling waters with a focus on improving foot access to major river fisheries. Much of this has involved negotiating with landowners and establishing formal agreements regarding access for anglers. Access points are now clearly marked with signs at the access locations on seven major river fisheries around the State.