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    12 Agt
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    11 Agt

    First science show of the day at - warming everyone up with some loud explosions :)

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    9 Agt

    A minor delay for - our multi-skilled Young Tassie Scientist had us back on the road quick smart :)

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    31 Jul

    Science shenanigans incoming...

  5. 24 Jul
  6. 24 Jul


  7. 3 Apr

    Agog to be the 39,385th cat on for Bears vs Babies - A Card Game | Thx !

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    23 Jan

    Thrilled to have & running Hobart's program this week!

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    20 Jan

    We've had a FANTASTIC week at the - thank you for having us! Thank you co-hosts & Gustavo De Alckmin

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    16 Jan

    Hitting the road with - look out - we're keen for ALL the science at this week!

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    12 Agt 2016

    starts his performance with a bang! .

  12. 29 Jul 2016

    Hanging out at the Boston Museum of Science. Everyone thinks I'm from NZ...

  13. 11 Jul 2016

    NZ is awesome. is rad. and I rocked the quiz night, Thx

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    10 Jul 2016

    Yesterday I met the amazing @yts_2016 AND ... Monday, you have a lot to live up to.

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    9 Jul 2016

    Our amazing Tasmanian scientists have arrived for ! @YTS_2016

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    10 Jul 2016

    We're at the science quiz tonight as part of - here's kazooing for the crowd

  17. 25 Feb 2013

    because it is do as I say, not as I do...

  18. 25 Feb 2013

    trying to get a tweet actually shown tonight! Interesting panel for an interesting discussion...

  19. 29 Nov 2012

    I love Dropbox because it makes backup and access to my files from anywhere simple

  20. 10 Okt 2012

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